• What is a cloud PACS?
  • What exactly is the PACSCloud from Thinking Systems?
  • What are the biggest benefits of a PACS in the cloud?
  • How do we deliver the best Cloud-Based PACS System for you?
  • How secure is your PACS on cloud infrastructure?
  • Why should you consider a cloud-based PACS?
  • How Are We Different Than Other Cloud PACS?
  • Who offers the most competitive PACS cloud pricing?
  • Which vendors offer the best cloud-based PACS functionality?
  • Who delivers the best cloud-based PACS system in healthcare today?
  • What are the advantages of a PACS cloud service?
What is a cloud PACS?

A cloud-based PACS is a Picture Archiving and Communication System that resides on a vast network of connected virtual servers and work together and operate as a single ecosystem. These cloud PACS servers store and manage clinical imaging data, run the application virtually, and deliver medical imaging data to physicians via the internet.

What exactly is the PACSCloud from Thinking Systems?

Thinking Systems PACSCloud is our cloud-based PACS system for medical imaging in Microsoft Azure.

It offers all the latest in oncology, cardiology, radiology, and molecular imaging workflow innovations in the cloud.

We’re a little biased, but we believe we have healthcare’s best cloud-based PACS.  

What are the biggest benefits of a PACS in the cloud?
  1. You’ll never have to upgrade, replace, or buy computer servers ever again to run the application or archive images.
  2. You won’t have to wait until you have refreshed your servers to upgrade the functionality of a cloud-based PACS system. The software platform can be updated regularly for you without hardware restrictions.
  3. You will reduce your storage and image archiving costs by leveraging the cost-effectiveness and economies of scale that come from having your PACS in the cloud.
How do we deliver the best Cloud-Based PACS System for you?

Whether you are a radiologist, cardiologist, nuclear medicine physician, department manager, CIO, PACS administrator or healthcare executive, PACSCloud was built to make your life easier and help your organization deliver great patient care.

How secure is your PACS on cloud infrastructure?

In addition to having more than 3000 employees dedicated to Azure cloud security, 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their cloud security to Microsoft.

Your PACS on cloud infrastructure, securely supported by Microsoft is in great hands.

Providers, payors, and many government agencies trust and depend on Microsoft to deliver world-class secure cloud services in Azure.

You get the same level of security with PACSCloud.

Why should you consider a cloud-based PACS?

If you’re not yet convinced why you should have our cloud-based PACS, here’s the bottom line… It saves you time and money. It is secure.

You actually have more control. It improves interoperability.

It allows for mobility. It enables you to spend more time delivering valuable solutions to your doctors and better care to your patients.

How Are We Different Than Other Cloud PACS?

Our PACS Cloud Delivers the Best in

Functionality. Our DICOM viewer offers you easy to use tools with simple to configure customizable hanging protocols. A clean, simple, and functional user interface. Our responsive tools for image management and workflow have been designed to deliver great functionality for you and each end-user.

Ease of Use. Our DICOM based cloud viewer was built with ease of use at the foundation. Many customers share how easy it was to start using PACSCloud without any initial training. Once they complete training, they become PACSCloud experts in no time at all. So can you!

Speed. Speed is paramount to optimize workflow and physician satisfaction. The architecture of our cloud-based PACS system was designed to process images quickly. Our tools function and react, at the speed of a click.

Affordability. We offer cloud PACS pricing that is affordable with no hidden fees. A modest initial investment makes it affordable and financially viable to start with PACSCloud today. We help you turn cloud-based imaging as a service into an affordable operating expense. No more huge capital expenses upfront, for upgrades or to refresh your servers.

Integration. Great integration is not a nice to have. In today’s healthcare technology environment, it is a MUST have. The PACSCloud platform fully supports healthcare interoperability standards. We eat, sleep and breathe DICOM, HL7, and IHE standards so you don’t have to. We have clients using Epic, Cerner, Flatiron, and other EMR’s. We have integrated with almost every Radiology Information System on the market. Our software speaks flawless DICOM with Siemens, GE Healthcare, Philips, Canon Medical, and other modality vendors. We seamlessly integrate with INVIA 4DM, Syntermed Emory Cardiac Toolbox, and Cedars Sinai quantitative analysis tools. We have integrated our technology with other enterprise imaging providers to create optimized workflows for our clinicians. We’re also happy to integrate with Nuance, M*Modal, and others for your voice recognition needs.

Support. As a company, Thinking Systems wholeheartedly believes that great service and support relationships are key to successful partnerships in healthcare. We deliver industry-leading support to help you proactively fix and resolve items that may arise from time to time. We will help you. We LOVE to SERVE and SUPPORT our customers.

Customization. Those still using legacy client-server platforms know the pain of how it can take ages, literally years of asking for software customizations and bug fixes to no avail. With PACSCloud, we continue to customize, iterate, and build additional tools our clients are asking for. With the cloud, these updates can be rolled out seamlessly and we won’t charge you millions of dollars for them. We can customize your workflow requirements with just a few virtual workstations or scale up for a large multi-site enterprise. You select the imaging tools you need, and we customize the workflow and tools to meet your exact clinical needs. You can pick from our suite of radiology, cardiology, oncology, nuclear medicine, and molecular imaging applications and we’ll deliver exactly what you need.

Scalability. Our PACS cloud service offering is completely scalable. You can start with a couple of concurrent licenses for lower volumes. Later you can scale up to thousands of users across many locations and states. It is extremely simple, technically, to provision additional PACS cloud storage. You no longer need to buy five-plus years of storage capacity for hardware that will have an end of life. You can increase your storage and server capacity from terabytes to petabytes in no time at all. The cloud also makes it painless and easy to add new users as needed.

Security. Our cloud platform partner has invested more than $1 billion in cybersecurity and compliance. Additionally, there are more than 3,000 full-time employees dedicated to the security of our global cloud infrastructure. Our cloud PACS is built on a state-of-the-art secure foundation. We secure your medical imaging assets in the cloud.

Fully Managed Platform. At Thinking Systems, we can offer our fully managed PACS cloud service. In an economy with low unemployment, it can be extremely challenging to find and keep clinical and technical talent to maintain and support your imaging applications internally. We can offer a team of talented IT and application administrators to help support the needs of your imaging department, as an additional service.

Who offers the most competitive PACS cloud pricing?

Cloud PACS pricing can vary widely. Some fee per study companies can charge from $1 to $5 or more per study, depending on study volume.

Price per study decreases, as volumes increase. There are still a limited number of vendors that offer true cloud PACS pricing, since many aren’t yet in the cloud.

At Thinking Systems, we like to offer pricing that is flexible and works best for you. We can work with you on a fee per study pricing model, concurrent subscription licenses, multi-user or enterprise licensing.

We’re happy to work with you on a pricing and licensing model that works best for you.

Which vendors offer the best cloud-based PACS functionality?

Probably not a fair question to ask us who offers the best cloud-based PACS, because we are just a little bias.

When it comes down to cloud-based nuclear medicine and molecular imaging functionality, our PACS Cloud can’t be beat.

We are the world leader in cloud PACS for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

PACSCloud is healthcare’s cloud PACS platform for all your medical imaging needs.

We personalize your cloud PACS experience.

Who delivers the best cloud-based PACS system in healthcare today?

Since we’ve said it already, it probably won’t hurt to say it again… We are “Healthcare’s cloud PACS.”

We are absolutely confident that we have the best cloud-based PACS available.

There’s a reason why a growing number of prominent healthcare organizations trust Thinking Systems and are joining the PACS Cloud. We hope you will too.

What are the advantages of a PACS cloud service?

A PACS cloud service or SaaS (Software as a Service) PACS system has a long list of advantages.

If you’re a speed reader or quick skimmer and didn’t see the three biggest benefits or the “12 more reasons you should have your PACS in the cloud”… up above, I’d highly encourage you to scroll back up and read them.