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The Benefits of Using our Medical Image Sharing…

1. Stop Buring CDs

2.   Save Money

3.   Enhance Care

Burning CD’s is cumbersome and expensive.

Patients often would like a second opinion.

Patients don’t want to hold on to CD’s.

Redundant imaging and radiation need to be reduced.

Referring physicians and hospitals don’t want to upload CD’s.

Healthcare is fed up with the time and costs of burning patient images to CD’s.

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With the Virtual Image Exchange (VIE)

You can easily get on the path to eliminating CD burning today.

Save time. Save money. Have happier patients, physicians, and medical staff.

Learn how our cloud-based medical image sharing app, VIE, can make it possible.

  • Swift, secure, less costly file transfer
  • Aids timely clinical decision making 
  • Eliminate burning CDs 
  • Happier physicians
  • Easy to use
  • Save money 

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Virtual Image Exchange

 A medical image exchange platform that simplifies the process of sharing radiology images, reports, and treatment plans.

  • VIE is a cloud-based medical image sharing solution that leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Protect PHI with our HIPAA compliant application and secure private cloud.
  • Easily access, share, and view medical images from anywhere.
  • Eliminate the need for CDs and CD burning.
  • You will not need to set up VPN access to other healthcare organizations.
  • Easily manage and administer medical image sharing partners and accounts.
  • Your image exchange partners will NOT need any dedicated servers or proprietary tools to share images.
  • Simply point patients and provider partners to to access or share.
  • For patients and less frequent provider requests, simply send a secure link via email to share.
  • Cost-effective subscription SaaS model and platform that can be deployed quickly.
  • No need to buy expensive servers and hardware to exchange medical images.
  • Access the full-featured tools of our cloud-based PACS viewer for providers.
  • Patients call also see images through our simplified patient viewer.
  • Enables your staff to focus on true value-based care.