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The Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud®

A Nuclear Medicine PACS that

Simplifies Sophisticated Molecular Imaging
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Benefits of Using our Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud…

Single Click Workflow

Save Time

Improve Care

You No Longer Need To Be Frustrated By Clunky

Molecular Imaging Software

Too Many Clicks. Static Images. Slow Image Fusion.

Poorly Synchronized Priors. Rigid Hanging Protocols.

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With Our Nuclear Medicine PACS You Can:

  • Improve Workflow for Radiologists and Cardiologists
  • Seamlessly Integrate with an Enterprise PACS System
  • Enhanced PET CT Fusion, PET MR & SPECT CT Fusion Imaging
  • Allow Your Doctors to Read from Home, Office or Hospital
  • Decrease Turn Around Time for Molecular Imaging Studies
  • Simplify IT for your Nuclear Medicine Department

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Integrate Thinking Systems with your enterprise radiology PACS for optimal nuclear medicine and molecular imaging workflow.

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Client Testimonial

“We have been using Thinking Systems at our institution for over 15 years as it continues to meet our needs for advanced Nuclear Medicine imaging interpretation. The platform is robust, there are many hanging protocols for hybrid studies (such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT), cardiac imaging is available, it integrates well with our institutional PACS, there is cloud-based remote access capability, and it has adapted and grown with us over the years. Furthermore, IT support is reliable and the business relationship has a family feel.”

Efrosyni Sfakianaki, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology

Department of Radiology, Division of Nuclear Medicine

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Are you…

  • A clinic or community hospital adding a nuclear medicine modality?
  • A busy nuclear medicine department?
  • A multi-hospital IDN or academic medical center doing high study volumes?
  • A medical practice that needs an affordable solution for nuclear medicine?
  • Looking for a way to enhance your current PACS with PET CT fusion and molecular imaging capabilities affordably? (We offer a 3rd party PACS plugin and API integration.)
  • Or have a legacy system that needs to be replaced?

If so, we can help!  

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Our Cloud-based Nuclear Medicine PACS

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Delivers Molecular Imaging Software That Helps You Focus On Outcomes

  • The Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud® offers single click AI-enhanced workflow automation.
  • Delivers high-end nuclear medicine workstation tools via the cloud.
  • Improves productivity of radiologists, cardiologists, and nuclear medicine physicians.
  • With one click automate loading of prior studies, image registration, and segmentation.
  • We can enhance your enterprise PACS molecular imaging and PET/CT fusion capabilities with our simple integration and API with most major radiology PACS systems.
  • Our 3rd party PACS plug-in will give your current PACS molecular imaging superpowers.
  • Access to advanced quantitative measurement tools for oncological imaging of patient lesions.
  • Best in class processing and quantifications tools for cardiac PET/CT and SPECT/CT fusion.
  • Easily customize hanging protocols for general nuclear medicine and molecular imaging studies.
  • And all the advantages associated with our cloud PACS platform, PACSCloud®.

What can you expect after implementing the Nuclear Medicine PACS Cloud?

  • THINKING SYSTEMS will be your partner.
  • Improved workflow efficiencies.
  • Great service and support.
  • Lower IT costs.
  • Integration that works.
  • Uptime. Uptime.
  • More satisfied doctors.

The Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud®

Helping Nuclear Medicine Departments

Enhance Molecular Imaging & PET CT Software

To Improve Workflow, Productivity

And Patient Outcomes.

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Want to know more about our molecular imaging software and nuclear medicine PACS capabilities?

  • Nuclear Medicine PACS Functionality
  • PET/CT Fusion
  • Cardiac PET
  • Cardiac SPECT
  • Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud Technology Stack
Nuclear Medicine PACS Functionality
  • PET/CT fusion and SPECT/CT fusion
  • PET brain quantification
  • General nuclear medicine workstation processing and review
  • General radiology image review with hanging protocols
  • General cardiology image review
  • Nuclear cardiology processing and quantification
  • PET cardiac processing & quantification
  • Echocardiology review
  • Cardiac cath image review
PET/CT Fusion
  • Single click PET/CT fusion workflow
  • Orthogonal displays
  • MIP 3D cine display
  • Triangulation between MIP and orthogonal images
  • Fly-through SUV measurement for PET with adjustable ROI
  • Fly-through Hounsfield unit measurement for CT
  • Automated current and prior study fusion comparison
  • Blending fusion mode with adjustable PET and CT ratio
  • Synchronized scroll of PET, CT and fused images
  • Point and click triangulation on any image
  • Window and level presets for CT
  • Side by side comparison of multi-modality images from other sources
Cardiac PET
  • Perfusion, function, and metabolism in a single application
  • Supports quantification and review of PET tomographic images
  • Quantitative assessment of FDG viability for identification of viable and scarred myocardium
  • DICOM viewer for static and multi-frame secondary screen captures
  • Three orthogonal plane viewer for tomographic images
  • Volumetric fusion for paired image studies
Cardiac SPECT
  • Simultaneous stress/rest processing for gates or non-gated studies
  • Simultaneous stress/rest orthogonal display
  • Cine raw tomosynthesis data display
  • Cine surface or MIP 3D display
  • Independent window level adjustment for stress and rest data
  • Quantitative gated SPECT analysis
  • Quantitative perfusion SPECT analysis
Nuclear Medicine PACSCloud Technology Stack
  • Microsoft Windows Platform
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Vendor Neutral DICOM 3.0 Conformant
  • Multi-platform Support:
    • Windows, Apple, Mac, iOS, Android.
    • All features available on all platforms
  • Multi-monitor Support