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The Oncology PACSCloud® Gives Your Physicians The Imaging Tools
They Need To Go To Battle
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Most PACS Have Huge Gaps Required For Oncology

  • Limited Measurement Tools
  • Weak Fusion Imaging
  • Inefficient Workflow
  • Poor Integration
  • Too Many Clicks
  • Static Images

And Not Customized for the Needs of Cancer Centers

You Can Change That With

The Oncology PACSCloud

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Finally, a dedicated Oncology PACS…

That will improve the oncologist’s workflow.

Allow radiologists to read exams more efficiently.

Enable patient care you’d want for your own family.

Gives you the imaging tools needed to battle cancer.

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“Since 2012, Thinking Systems has been Florida Cancer Specialists’ (FCS) PACS vendor. Their platform has enabled our physicians easy secured cloud access and viewing of patient PET and CT scans. As an organization who is committed to delivering quality cancer care, FCS values using the leading technology that Thinking Systems provides.”

Ian Wesslock RT(R) CIIP
PACS Administrator

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The Oncology PACS Cloud

The Only Dedicated Oncology PACS System for Your Cancer Center

  • The Oncology PACSCloud® offers unparalleled A.I. driven clinical workflow for improved physician experience.
  • Our workflow engine increases radiologist and oncologist productivity so they can focus on clinical care.
  • We simplify and automate image registration and segmentation for your physicians.
  • You will be able to quickly compare prior patient exams with a single click.
  • We integrate clinical images into your oncology EMR for improved clinical workflow.
  • World-class leading PET/CT fusion imaging functionality.
  • Advanced quantitative tools for automated tumor tracking, tumor segmentation, and automatic tumor volume measurements.
  • A cloud-based oncology PACS that will give your physicians access to images anywhere.
  • A vendor-neutral archive that will allow you to store prior images from any outside PACS.
  • Our virtual image exchange system, VIE, is a cloud-based medical image sharing tool that enables you to share patient images digitally.
  • All the benefits of our cloud-based PACS platform, PACSCloud®.

What will life be like

once you have the

Oncology PACSCloud?

  • Secure & scalable cloud-based PACS.
  • World class service and support.
  • Software that is easy to use.
  • Image enable your EMR.
  • Happier physicians.

Oncology PACSCloud®

Enabling Cancer Centers And Oncology Groups To

Have The Most Effective Medical Imaging Tools

To Help Their Patients In The Fight Against Cancer.

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What technology and PACS functionality does the Oncology PACSCloud offer?

  • Full-fledged image processing and review for all modalities.
  • Fusion imaging: PET/CT, PET/MR & SPECT/CT.
  • Automated series selection for fusion.
  • Automated loading of prior studies for comparison.
  • Automated synchronization of current and prior studies.
  • Manual fusion adjustments for compensating patient movement.
  • Advanced customizable hanging protocols.
  • PET & SPECT brain processing and quantification.
  • General nuclear medicine processing and review.
  • General radiology image review.
  • MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction).
  • Sophisticated, yet simplified hanging protocols and presentation state.
  • Platform neutral: Windows, Apple, Android.
  • Full features on all platforms.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Orthogonal image display with MIP.
  • SUV measurements and triangulation on all views with one click.
  • One-click 3D ROI analysis pinpointing the hottest locations.
  • Short cut keys.
  • Window-level presets for CT and PET with shortcut keys.
  • General radiology PACS tools.
  • Cross-reference between series.
  • Synchronized scrolling between different series.
  • Multi-planar reformatting.
  • Window and level presents.
  • ROI window and level.
  • Linear, angle, area, and perimeter measurements.
  • Calibration function for linear, angle, area, and perimeter measurements.
  • Hounsfield unit measurement.
  • User-configurable layout.

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Oncology PACS FAQ’s

  • What is an oncology PACS?
  • Why an oncology PACS vs. a traditional radiology PACS?
  • Who else offers a dedicated oncology PACS system?
  • What are the benefits of a cloud-based oncology PACS platform?
  • How much experience does Thinking Systems have in the oncology PACS market?
  • Who are some of the customers that trust Thinking Systems with their oncology PACS?
What is an oncology PACS?

An oncology PACS is a picture archiving communication system and medical imaging software application that stores, retrieves, manages, distributes and presents oncological images. It provides quantitative tracking and measurements of patient lesions over time and prior images. An oncology PACS also offers optimal workflow efficiency for multimodality studies, including PET/CT, PET/MR and SPECT/CT.

Why an oncology PACS vs. a traditional radiology PACS?

Most radiology PACS systems have very limited molecular imaging and fusion capabilities. PET and CT images are critical components to a cancer care plan. A dedicated oncology PACS system has advanced molecular imaging and fusion workflow capabilities, that a radiology PACS does not.

Who else offers a dedicated oncology PACS system?

Thinking Systems is the only company on the market to currently offer a dedicated oncology PACS, cloud-based oncology PACS. Varian Medical Systems announced an oncology PACS back in 2008 but is no longer available.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based oncology PACS platform?

A cloud-based oncology PACS allows total flexibility for your physician to access patient images on PACS from anywhere. From home, the office, the hospital, anywhere. A cloud-based oncology PACS is scalable in minutes, not months. It enables you to focus on solutions and patient care and never have to think about hardware and server replacements again.

How much experience does Thinking Systems have in the oncology PACS market?

With Thinking Systems deep technical roots founded in molecular imaging, we have been helping molecular imaging department, cancer centers and oncology groups for more than two decades.

Who are some of the customers that trust Thinking Systems with their oncology PACS?

Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida Cancer Specialists, and the American Oncology Network are a few of our highly respected clients recognized for delivering world-class cancer care and treatment.