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Most PACS Systems Weren’t Designed For Teleradiology

  • Not Built Or Optimized For Teleradiology Needs
  • Rigid Hardware Requirements
  • Too Slow For Teleradiology
  • Too Expensive To Maintain
  • Tough To Support

The Teleradiology PACSCloud

Changes That

Our Teleradiology PACS Software Will Allow You To…
  • Focus on delivering great patient care.
  • Offer prompt and timely turnaround times.
  • Manage your technology costs effectively.
  • Have the flexibility to read medical images from anywhere.
  • Feel confident you have the right tools to provide that care.
  • Provide excellent quality radiology and teleradiology services.
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Our Teleradiology PACS delivers:

  • The Teleradiology PACSCloud® offers unparalleled A.I. driven clinical workflow for improved physician experience.
  • Our workflow engine increases radiologist and oncologist productivity so they can focus on clinical care.
  • We simplify and automate image registration and segmentation for your physicians.
  • You will be able to quickly compare prior patient exams with a single click.
  • We integrate clinical images into your oncology EMR for improved clinical workflow.
  • World-class leading PET/CT, PET/MR and SPECT/CT fusion imaging functionality.
  • Advanced quantitative tracking of patient lesions.
  • A cloud-based PACS that will give your physicians access to images anywhere.
  • A vendor neutral archive that will allow you to store prior images from any outside PACS.
  • Our virtual image exchange system, VIE, is a cloud-based medical image sharing tool that enables you to share patient images digitally.
  • All the benefits of our cloud-based PACS platform, PACSCloud®.

What functionality does the Teleradiology PACSCloud offer?

  • Full-fledged image processing and review for all modalities.
  • Fusion imaging: PET/CT, PET/MR & SPECT/CT.
  • Automated series selection for fusion.
  • Automated loading of prior studies for comparison.
  • Automated synchronization of current and prior studies.
  • Manual fusion adjustments for compensating patient movement.
  • Advanced customizable hanging protocols.
  • PET & SPECT brain processing and quantification.
  • General nuclear medicine processing and review.
  • General radiology image review.
  • MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction).
  • Sophisticated, yet simplified hanging protocols and presentation state.
  • Orthogonal image display with MIP.
  • SUV measurements and triangulation on all views with one click.
  • One-click 3D ROI analysis pinpointing hottest locations.
  • Short cut keys.
  • Window-level presets for CT and PET with shortcut keys.
  • Radiology PACS tools.
  • Cross reference between series.
  • Synchronized scrolling between different series.
  • Multi-planar reformatting.
  • Window and level presents.
  • ROI window and level.
  • Linear, angle, area and perimeter measurements.
  • Calibration function for linear, angle, area and perimeter measurements.
  • Hounsfield unit measurement.
  • User configurable layout.
  • PET/CT fusion and SPECT/CT fusion
  • PET brain quantification
  • General nuclear medicine workstation processing and review
  • General radiology image review with hanging protocols
  • General cardiology image review
  • Nuclear cardiology processing and quantification
  • PET cardiac processing & quantification
  • Echocardiology review
  • Cardiac cath image review
  • Single click PET/CT fusion workflow
  • MIP 3D cine display
  • Triangulation between MIP and orthogonal images
  • Fly-through SUV measurement for PET with adjustable ROI
  • Fly-through Hounsfield unit measurement for CT
  • Automated current and prior study fusion comparison
  • Blending fusion mode with adjustable PET and CT ratio
  • Synchronized scroll of PET, CT and fused images
  • Point and click triangulation on any image
  • Window and level presets for CT
  • Side by side comparison of multi-modality images from other sources
  • Perfusion, function, and metabolism in a single application
  • Supports quantification and review of PET tomographic images
  • Quantitative assessment of FDG viability for identification of viable and scarred myocardium
  • DICOM viewer for static and multi-frame secondary screen captures
  • Three orthogonal plane viewer for tomographic images
  • Volumetric fusion for paired image studies
  • Simultaneous stress/rest processing for gates or non-gated studies
  • Simultaneous stress/rest orthogonal display
  • Cine raw tomosynthesis data display
  • Independent window level adjustment for stress and rest data
  • Quantitative gated SPECT analysis
  • Quantitative perfusion SPECT analysis
  • Microsoft Windows Platform
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Vendor Neutral DICOM 3.0 Conformant
  • Multi-platform Support:
    • Windows, Apple, Mac, iOS, Android.
    • All features available on all platforms
  • Multi-monitor Support
  • And more…