A Vendor Neutral Archive for Enterprise Imaging

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Benefits of Using our Vendor Neutral Archive…

1.  Consolidate Date

2.  End Data Silos

3.  Optimize IT Costs


It is tough when you are dealing with…

  • Too many silos of data
  • Too many PACS systems
  • Too many departmental archives
  • Too much data to effectively manage
  • Too expensive to manage efficiently
  • Too many ways to search for patient data

With Thinking System Vendor Neutral Archive [VNA] You Can Have:

  • A Centralized Storage Architecture
  • True Image Lifecycle Management Tools
  • A Single Point of Integration and Seamless Interoperability
  • Simplified Viewing of Patient Images and Data
  • Reduce Hardware Costs (reduce or eliminate future migration costs)

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How would you like to deploy your VNA?

We can deliver our vendor-neutral archive where and how you need it.

  • Install our VNA in your organization’s preferred data center or private cloud.
  • Implement the VNACloud in Microsoft Azure securely and safely.
  • A hybrid VNA deployment utilizing both your data center and the cloud.

Your VNA. Your Choice. Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy.

We’d also be happy to share more with you about our vendor-neutral archive VNA platform.

Our goal is to help you be successful with your enterprise imaging strategy.

If you’re starting a VNA selection process or vendor-neutral archive comparison of vendor solutions, there are some things about our technology that are important for you to know:

  1. We can help you eliminate the many silos of departmental and niche imaging storage systems across radiology, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, women’s health, etc.
  2. Our platform enables you to create a centralized enterprise-wide medical imaging and content archive for DICOM and non-DICOM data.
  3. We’ll give you the tools to manage the life cycle of your clinical content and medical images to meet organizational, local, state and federal requirements.
  4. You will now have a single point of integration for sending and downloading prior patient images for any of your specialty PACS and imaging systems.
  5. We’ll deliver a clinical viewer that makes it easy to image enable your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and improve clinician workflow.
  6. We will help you save money by reducing and eliminating the various archives, servers, and storage systems with a single, enterprise-wide, long term VNA.
  7. You can deploy our vendor-neutral archive in your data center environment, or we can help you set it up in our secure, HIPAA compliant private cloud.
  8. We can store any DICOM data and images, whether it’s decades old or from a newly installed modality.
  9. We will also help you archive any non-DICOM data in a standardized and compliant format.
  10. We provide a standard network interface for the query, retrieval, and storage of all data in our VNA.
  11. You’ll be able to do dynamic DICOM tag morphing of images.
  12. We deliver an audit trail of access and users.

The VNACloud – A Powerful Vendor Neutral Archive Platform.

The Thinking Systems VNACloud is a unique enterprise imaging platform that streamlines and consolidates disparate imaging systems throughout a healthcare enterprise. It allows you to image enable your EMR and access relevant clinical data and images for patients through a single interface and system. Our VNA enables you to improve clinical workflow for clinicians, reduce IT costs, eliminate disparate hardware, archives, or data repositories, and allows you to put your patient’s medical care first.

Our vendor-neutral archive solution offers the flexibility to enable you to quickly add storage, on-demand when you need it. Whether you have one PACS or multiple PACS system, our VNA simplifies DICOM archive data migrations. Interoperability is a key component of any VNA and enterprise imaging strategy. We enable a standards-based platform to ensure seamless interoperability for data storage and transfer. Utilize data and image lifecycle management tools to help you control and optimize your storage capabilities.  Our VNA platform allows you to leverage our HIPAA compliant architecture to safely and securely move your enterprise imaging strategy forward.

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How would you like to view images from your VNA?

  • Install our vendor-neutral viewer to image enable your EMR.
  • Utilize a PACS or 3rd party enterprise viewer to access medical images.
  • Have the flexibility to interface the viewers of your choice to the VNA.

Your VNA. Your Viewer. Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy.

The VNACloud will help you:

  • Reduce Information Silos
  • Simplify IT Infrastructure
  • Optimize & Reduce IT Costs
  • Improve Image Lifecycle Management
  • Increase Interoperability
  • Consolidate Data
  • Boost Clinical Workflow
  • Enhance Patient Care

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to VNA’s, here’s some info that will help you learn more about vendor-neutral archives and how they fit into an enterprise imaging strategy.
  • What is a Vendor Neutral Archive?
  • How Does a Vendor Neutral Archive Work?
  • Why Consider a Vendor Neutral Archive vs PACS?
What is a Vendor Neutral Archive?

A vendor neutral archive (VNA) is a software system that stores medical images (DICOM) and other medical content (non-DICOM data) in a single enterprise repository. It utilizes technology standards that seamlessly enable the viewing, importing, and exporting of data from across the healthcare enterprise. It helps consolidate images and data from multiple PACS and data repositories into a single archive that enhances how clinicians access patient images and information from across the healthcare system.

How Does a Vendor Neutral Archive Work?

A VNA is a single data repository that can store and transfer medical images and content. It collects and stores data from varying departmental PACS and image capture systems into that data repository. With a clinical viewer, the VNA can be accessed and launched from the EMR to share clinical images to doctors and nurses in context. Once a clinician identifies an image they want to view on a patient, it is selected, an imaging viewer is launched, and the medical image is pulled for viewing from the vendor-neutral archive.

Why Consider a Vendor Neutral Archive vs PACS?

If your healthcare organization has multiple locations, more than one PACS, multiple departmental PACS, thinking about a PACS replacement, then there are some great benefits to a vendor-neutral archive vs PACS archive: eliminate future archive data migrations, minimize the need to buy and maintain storage servers for varying departments, simplify data management and access, enhance security for image access, improve workflow for your staff, and consolidate DICOM & non-DICOM data.